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Bless Online Rebuild Project Preview: Character Growth in Detail

Since the cancellation of Bless Online west and Rebuild Project announced by Neowiz, fans are still waiting for this highly anticipated MMORPG. Yesterday, Neowiz Bless Studio revealed Rebuild Project in a serious attempt to overhaul the core game features in Bless Online.

According to MMO CultureRebuild Project for Bless Online will be running on a separate new server, and it will open on 1 August next week. It is important to note that this is essentially a test server. There are seven core focus which will receive an overhaul.

1. Character growth

Previously, there was a common issue where players change to a better equip but hunting time did not improve. The growth was not significant enough for players to enjoy, and there is no sense of fulfillment. Also, upgrading equipment runes can be costly due to failures, while the equipment themselves could become useless when new end-game equipment drop from new dungeons.

All these and more will be rectified in the Rebuild Project. Previously, only runes attached to equipment can be strengthen, but not the equipment itself. The new build will see equipment able to be upgraded through 15 stages, with the classic glow and shine effects getting more eye-catching with each upgrade. There will be compensations given out to players when upgrade fails.

Another new system is evolution. When an equipment reaches stage 15, it can be evolved to a new tier. There are 3 tiers in the new build, and such a process of evolution will not fail. Not only the basic stats will greatly improved, but new bonus stats will be added as well. The appearance of the equipment will change as well! While not an uncommon feature, this is certainly a welcome change.

A new item “succession” system will be added. This allows players to transfer all stats, including runes, upgrade level, evolution tier, etc, to another equipment of a similar kind. However, there will be a couple of requirements for the new item, such as having a rating of 45 and above. There will be a chance of the upgrade stage to drop, but will not go below the original evolution tier.

The rest of the Rebuild Project Bless Online changes have yet to receive any substantial content, but the development team will expand on each topic over the next few months, including:

2. Combat
3. Collection / Production
4. Travel companion
5. UI / UX
6. Character customization
7. Game systems connectivity / loop

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