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Crowfall Reveals the Details of Another Race - the Fae

The Fae is another race in Crowfall. It has been working its way through the character pipeline and is now in the animation phase. 

The Fae bring with them some unique gameplay aspects. They are the second smallest of Crowfall's Races in terms of height, and they introduce the game's first winged avatar. 

The Fae get a Bloodline Passive which contains several elements: it increases their movement speed while stealthed; it grants them the ability to double jump, and it grants them the ability to glide. Gliding is a form of Slow Fall, allowing them to slowly fall from heights without taking damage.

Additionally, this Race offers two Active Powers that you can choose to add to your Power Tray. The first Power is their Race-specific right-click Dodge. The second Power is Faerie Fire, which outlines their target in eerie, incandescent light. 

The planned lineup of available Classes for the Fae at launch includes Assassin, Druid and Frostweaver. The Powers above will be available to all Fae characters regardless of Class.

The developers were only going to make a single gender version of the Fae. But as they added a stretch goal during the Kickstarter campaign to create a male version, they would now make a male Fae if that stretch goal was unlocked.

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