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Mobile games are more and more the content is also rich. Then how many types of mobile games

With mobile games coming a trend of electronic games, the development of mobile games is more and more rapid, many game developers invest a lot of materials to develop mobile games, which makes the mobile games more and more refined and three-dimensional in terms of picture quality and sound quality, and the content of the game is also more and more rich, which makes many young people like mobile games more and more.
So what are the main types of mobile games? There are many kinds of classification methods for games, such as PC games and mobile games according to terminal classification, shooting games, strategy games and role-playing games according to playing method, stand-alone games and online games according to whether they are connected to the Internet or not. There are many different points. Now let's make a classification according to the playing method
At present, the types of mobile games are mainly divided into:
RPG (role playing game),  is a type of game. In the game, the player is responsible for playing the role in a realistic or fictional world.
Players are responsible for playing one or more roles and developing their roles through some actions under a structured rule. The success or failure of players in this process depends on a formal system of rules or action guidelines. These games mainly include: Ark: survival evolved and final fantasy XV: a new empire.
Tower defense is the abbreviation of tower defense. Turret defense game originated from the earliest desktop tower defense game. Now in addition to the simple construction of Turret Defense mons ters, there is a new derivative tower defense game like "plants vs zombies".
MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is a kind of game. In battle, players usually need to buy equipment. Players are usually divided into two teams. The two teams compete with each other in the scattered game map. Each player controls the selected role through an RTS style interface. There are: MoBa classics that are popular all over the world -- League of Heroes: Wild rift, the grand Mafia, dota series, heroes of the storm
RTS (real time strategy game) is a kind of strategy game. The game is real-time, not the turn system that is common in strategy games. In addition, players often play the role of generals in the game, which is a macro operation. Hustle castle, elves vs Dwaves, Warcraft III, age of Empires series
ARPG (Action Role Playing Game), a game term, means that in action role-playing games, the action of the role is related to the action of the operation. "Evony" is a strategic mobile game with war as the theme, "top war: Battle Game"
Turn based strategy game is a form of game in which all players take turns in their own turn. Only their own turn can be manipulated. Because of the limited computing power of hardware, most of the early strategies adopted this type when considering the fun of games.
Act = action game: an action game in which players control the characters of the game, destroy the enemy or save themselves in various ways to pass through the game, and do not deliberately pursue the plot. Including devil may cry is a good website which recharge mobile game cheaper&safe
AVG = adventure game: Adventure Game AVG game is a game in which players control the characters in the game to take a virtual adventure.
FPS = first personal shooting game: FPS game first person shooting when FPS game was born, due to the immaturity of 3D technology, it can not show its unique charm, that is, it gives players a strong sense of substitution. CS, overwatch, or ow for short, pubg is a tactical competitive shooting sandbox game developed by blue hole
TPS = Third Personal Shooting Game: the third person shooting game refers to the game in which players can observe the characters they operate through the game screen, and have a broader vision and rich tactics for shooting. This kind of game mainly includes: "armored war" is a modern war online game produced by Obsidian entertainment, an American game development company. Players will drive the current land vehicles from the cold war to the present for PVP or PVE missions. "Self Defense 3" is a third person shooting game developed by avalanche studios, which is the third work in the "self defense" series. We will continue to play the most powerful killing weapon, Rio Rodriguez.
SPT = sports game: Sports Games SPT games simulate all kinds of competitive sports games on the computer. There are many kinds of games with high degree of simulation, and they are very popular, such as live football series, NBA Live series, FIFA series, 2K series, ESPN sports series, etc.
FTG = Fighting Game: fighting game FTG game is a game in which players control all kinds of characters to fight with the computer or the characters controlled by another player. The game is fast-paced and has a high playability. "Dungeon Fighter Online", "the king of Fighters: other day" with RPG ele ments game recharger
There are other types of games: game of War: Fire age is a massively multiplayer mobile 2D game cut in the same cloth as clash of clans and Vikings: War of clans
With the continuous integration and innovation of games, many of the games we play today are actually the integration of two or three, four or five types. For example, "dota2" is not only a typical MoBa, but also an ele ment of RPG, and originated from RTs. With the upgrading of mobile game technology, the content of the game is constantly enriched, and the design and playing methods of the game are more novel and changeable. In today's competitive society, we need to constantly innovate to make the game more professional and bring more fun to the players.

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