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Diablo Immortal Eternal-Orbs packs on hot sale
Diablo immortal's total downloads have exceeded 20million times, and the number of downloads may exceed 250000 in the near future
Today, we recommend Diablo immortal, a classic role-playing mobile game with Diablo theme released by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. The background of the story takes place between the era of Diablo II: the king of destruction and Diablo III. players will enter the dark area of the fart shelter, fight against the demon army, collect epic trophies, and control unimaginable forces.
Game highlights
As the first mobile game in the Diablo series, Diablo imaginary has always enjoyed the treatment expected by all. From the first generation in 1996, Diablo III released in 2000 to Diablo III launched in 2012, this game has experienced 26 years so far, and more than one generation is obsessed with it. It's really unforgettable to recall the time when my classmates used a Pentium MMX processor to experience Diablo.
Characteristic play
Diablo mortal adopts the standard large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game playing method, that is, the most common MMORPG. It offers six professions: barbarian, demon hunter, necromancer, crusader, monk and wizard. Each profession has its own unique vocational skills and matching skill tree system. Match with all kinds of best equipment randomly generated. Players will travel to a new world to explore and meet new challenges.
Picture scene
The artistic style of Diablo immartal continues the exquisite settings of the series. The real-time stereoscopic projection, shading effect and smooth character movement that have been supported in the early generation continue the excellent magic performance as always. Delicate lines, rich details and almost perfect visual experience are one of the many elements that contributed to the success of Diablo series.
Game evaluation
From the actual experience, "Diablo immediate" is currently in the status of preemptive reservation in Google play, which only provides download and installation, and does not open any login server. As for the game experience, there are so many on the Internet. Although many players have complained about the enhanced function of buying diamonds, it still can't stop the praise of foreign media. Both IGN, Engadget, Kotaku and other media have given positive comments. How about the specific game? We won't know until we experience it.
Player recommendation
If you are a role-playing game enthusiast, if you are a loyal fan of Blizzard, if you have a special preference for Diablo series, then please don't easily miss this Diablo idol.
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