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Top up Yalla Ludo discount diamonds and coins
Yalla Ludo is at the top of the bestselling list of Middle East games. What's different about its playing methods? First, Yalla Ludo is an upgraded version of Ludo King. Like Ludo King, the head app of Ludo (with Ludo and Snapes and Ladders built-in), Yalla Ludo also has two built-in games. In addition to Ludo, based on Yalla's observation of Middle East users, it replaces Snapes and Ladders with Domino.
In the experience of Yalla Ludo and Ludo King, Ludo King is realized by internal purchase+advertising, and Yalla Ludo only has internal purchase. Ludo King has a tourist mode to choose from. Yalla Ludo must register to play. In the game, Ludo King can only use the fixed words given by the system to chat with the opponent. Yalla Ludo can make voice or facial expressions. Yalla Ludo focuses on the Middle East and Southeast Asia, while Ludo King focuses on India and Southeast Asia. Although the download amount of Yalla Ludo in Google Play is far lower than that of Ludo King, and Ludo King has a large player base, the income of these two App is equal. When exploring game playing methods, how to make users willing to pay has always been a problem worthy of careful consideration. We saw that Yale Technology used its successful experience in Yalla chat room to transplant the chat room into the game, and then promoted the players to pay for VIP unlocking through strong social relations. The whole process was very natural.
Topvipgold recommends Yalla Ludo, which is an application with voice chat function, allowing you to play Ludo or Domino online with your friends.
Real time voice chat, chat with players through voice chat at any time, meet new friends, and enjoy the game!
Multiple game modes
Ludo includes two modes: 1 ON 1 mode and 4 Player mode. Each mode has four gameplay methods: classic, master, fast and magic.
Dominoes: druid games and all five. It's easy to play with friends. Private rooms and local rooms enable you to play with friends online or offline. Let's play games together
topvipgold. Www.yalla ludo offers discount diamonds and gold coins. We guarantee that the regular recharge is safe and fast. If you need cheap diamonds and gold coins, you can choose
We will continue to do our best to provide you with more interesting games and enrich your daily life.
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